Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer is in theaters today!

You probably won't believe anything I have to say about this flick because of what you can safely assume will be my natural bias, but the reviews are in and lots of the big time critics agree with me. This is a really terrific movie, jam packed with fantastic supporting performances, a tight script based on a great book, gritty L.A. photography, lively direction and a big time return to superstar form for Matthey McConaughey. I've seen the movie three times already and it is surprisingly rewatchable. I'm still not tired of it. Oh, I forgot about the music. The music selection is tremendous as well, mixing perfectly chosen current tunes with pieces from the 70s that sound contemporary and classic at the same time. And that kind of sums up the whole movie in a nutshell: It riffs on the classic crime films of the past while managing to feel fresh and completely contemporary. Watching it, I feel a little of the excitement I felt when watching a new film in the 1970s. There's not much of a higher compliment I could pay to a movie. Don't wait for the dvd, go see it this weekend!

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