Sunday, March 6, 2011

The late, great Jerry Fielding

David Speed sent me the link to this cool montage he created for this early piece by one of my favorite composers, the great Jerry Fielding. I really dig it. Here's how he describes it:

Hi Terrill,

I posted this on Nick Redman's wall yesterday; in addition, I mailed it out to Elizabeth & Hillary Fielding, Mark Hendrik and another handful or so of potentially interested FB friends.

Since your bona fides as a JFAS member are easily discernible, I thought you might also be interested in this artifact of Jerry's early career, which I believe was not only the first recording under his name but also the LAST recording he would make before his arranging and bandleading career, both in and out of the studio, received a big-time - if not exactly welcome - boost by virtue of being blacklisted by his erstwhile Hollywood employers.

A sobering note: recorded in 1953, this album has now reached the ripe old age of 58, one year older than Jerry ever got to be. 

Anyhoo, aside from the exemplary arrangement, featuring solos from Fielding friends, Buddy Collette on alto and Joe Howard on trombone (preceded by tenor saxophonist Don Lodice, about whom I can find little in the way of info, much less ANY images), my modest vid features a couple of short but sweet JF-related LA Times articles w/ pics, circa '47 and '52. I do hope you enjoy it.

David Speed

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