Friday, June 19, 2009

Hickey and Boggs

Ever wonder why, dear reader(s?), there are so few posts on JAFO? Probably not. But I digress.

I could lie to you and tell you I'm out "Observing." But the fact is I'm not that comfortable with this blogging stuff. Every time I think I might have something of interest to say, my impulse to share information is overwhelmed by my love of anonymity. Then there is the bottomless pit that is the internet. I have found that almost anything I want to say has already been said by others - and usually better than I can say it. So why bother?

This brings me to HICKEY AND BOGGS, a movie that has, for some odd reason, stayed with me for thirty-plus years now. It's a minor obsession at times. And I've been going through one of those times of late. Something about its stripped down style appeals to me - especially in light of today's diet of overblown, expensive junk hitting the cinema screens.

Well, I watched the flick again a few days ago and was considering a blog post about it, but lo and behold, my buddy at Secret Dead Blog beat me to the punch. Read all about it here:

I posted a reply and a link to a page where you can watch the film for free in his comment sections, so if you want to hear me ramble any more, you'll have to go over there.

Peace out, my bruthas and sistahs.


  1. We share the same sentiments re: this highly underrated/under-valued film. Your points and that link are excellent. As someone who saw that film the year it was released (37 years ago!), you nailed it. Hopefully, someone will give it a proper release. Cosby and Culp are still with us, and could add to the extras (commentary, etc.) a good DVD should have. Thanks for this post. Cheers.

  2. It would be great if one of the big film festivals, perhaps one doing a film noir theme, would pick up this film to show to a new generation of filmgoers, and invite Culp and Cosby to talk about it. I also think that Culp is wonderful actor who has been underrated, under-appreciated and under-rewarded for his amazing talents as actor, writer and director for all these years. He needs to be honored in a big way while we've still got him!