Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chapter Two of Odd (but true!) tales from the past! (TM)

I once encountered Tony Curtis in line at the Arby's in Westwood (which is now long gone). He was wearing cutoff shorts and sandals. He was behind me in line, tapped me on the shoulder, and in his best Tony Curtis accent said, "Pardon me, but could you possibly loan me a quarter for a newspaper?"

I blinked in amazement and said, "Are you Tony Curtis?"

He smiled and replied, "Why, yes!"

I said, "Of course I'll loan you a quarter for a newspaper!"

I gave him the quarter. He said, "Thank you very much." Then he walked outside, bought a newspaper from one of the vending machines in front of the building and left. He had never had any intention of eating at Arby's.

Or of ever returning my quarter!

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