Monday, October 8, 2012

A few updates on CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD: After a longer post-production period than CLEOPATRA, we've finally finished the movie (I think). A trailer will be ready any day now and we have begun shopping for a proper distributor. If there are any honest ones out there within the sound of my voice, give us a call. (They are harder to find than hen's teeth.) 

We've been accepted by the Torino Film Festival in Italy and they are flying Joe Lansdale, myself, and our significant others out for the shindig, which should be a real blast. 

There is some other interesting news on the horizon, but, being superstitious, I'm going to hold off on discussing that until it becomes a tangible reality. 

It's been a very long road to travel with this film, but hopefully it will all prove worthwhile. I'm looking forward to releasing it into the wild very soon.

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