Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jumping into (and hopefully out of) the fire....

This guy looks like I feel...

Things are getting intense on the set as we close in on the last week of work on CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD. We've had some crazy times on this flick. And shot some wild stuff. The pressure is on as I try to bring this baby in by next Friday so the cast and crew can enjoy the July 4 holiday without fear of having to return to the set afterward and I can point my car west and achieve escape velocity in time to hold my dog's paw during the fireworks. He hates loud noises and likes to sit on my lap when he hears any. Which would be okay if he didn't weigh 90 pounds.

If you want a sonic glimpse into my current emotional state, this song comes pretty close:


  1. Elise sez: huh... He actually looks kinda like you in that pic.

  2. Elise adds: I mean Harry Nilsson...