Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Graduate Part 2

I posted the last set of photos from Brandon's high school graduation while waiting for the plane back to Texas. I didn't have a lot of time then and no time since, but I have a spare few minutes now and wanted to drop in a couple more shots of the big day.

Brandon with one of his favorite teachers, Ms. Zwick.

Another favorite teacher, Ms. Gregorio.

Brandon and his friend Brittni.

After the Graduation we went to Monty's Steakhouse for filet mignons.

Our waiter, vying for an extra tip, took this shot. Left to right: Our best friend, Sandra Petersen, Sterling, Brandon, Heidi, me.

You'll notice Sandra has a bandage around her hand. She has a tendency to reach for other people's food at the table. She tried to poach from the boys and she took a few forks in the arm.  Luckily Monty's is always prepared for this kind of thing and they managed to wrap her arm in about 30 seconds while she continued to eat. Pure professionalism from all parties involved.

That'll teach her. (Probably not.)

It was a great day.

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