Thursday, November 11, 2010

Attention Members of the Academy!

I'm not sure if this should be nominated in the Best Documentary category, Best Foreign Film category, or both. (My guess is: Both!)


  1. Terill, my friend, what's the problem? Here are four items from Publishers Weekly's "Deals" for this week:

    In the middle-grade fantasy, Fforde (The Eyre Affair) follows a 15-year-old who runs a supernatural employment agency.

    Abou called the book an angels-versus-devils take on The Picture of Dorian Gray.

    In the series a woman is sent to save the president's daughter from the Demi-Monde, a cyberworld that is inconveniently populated by a collection of famous historical psychopaths.

    "It's a little bit monsters, a little bit superhero, a little bit sci-fi," says Dennis Shealy, editorial director, licensed and novelty properties ...

    And now a troll!!! It's what Western civ needs!

    How can you have Christmas without all of the above?

    Wishing you the Holiday Best, Fred Zackel

  2. You'll get no argument from me.

    Bring on the trolls!