Friday, October 1, 2010


I don't usually publicly review anything
I don't absolutely love because I always
feel like I have no business talking smack
about my betters. WALL STREET 2 is an
exception I'm willing to make because I liked
it so much while I was watching it, but had 
trouble with it by the time I got to my car 
in the parking lot and was really mad at it 
by the time I got home. I feel like it was a 
great opportunity partially wasted. A friend 
of mine (who will remain anonymous to protect 
his reputation) saw it the following day and 
we had this pithy e-mail exchange which will 
have to serve as my (our) review. 


Sent: Sep 29, 2010 9:37 PM

From: Friend
To: Lee Lankford
Subject: Wall Street 2


From: Lee Lankford
To: Friend

I liked it except for the romance. I could 
have done without the girl altogether.

From: Friend
To: Lee Lankford

Totally agree. That made it all fall apart 
because nobody with a 1.4 million dollar 
bonus is sticking with that sniveling woman-boy. 
What was Oliver thinking?

I think he summed it up perfectly.

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  1. My reaction was similar to yours. Doesn't bode well for a movie when the best scenes - the bailout debates in the smokeless smoke-filled rooms - feature none of the main characters.