Friday, December 18, 2009


I've heard a lot of mixed things about AVATAR in the last few weeks, so I thought I better check it out and see what the ruckus was all about. I went to the 12:01 screening tonight and I just got home. Some people have called me cynical in the past (you know who you are), but it takes a bigger cynic than me to call this movie anything short of spectacular. Yes, the story is derivative (and what the hell isn't nowadays?) but the vision and execution is amazing. Cameron said he was going to deliver an "immersive" experience and that's exactly what it is. After about 40 minutes I started to feel like I was right there with the screen characters in the amazing world the filmmakers had created. I almost yelled at the screen a half dozen times. Either the movie was very effective or I need to alter my meds (maybe both).

There's plenty to nitpick here, but I'll leave that to everyone else. All I can say is: AVATAR. 3D. IMAX. Go there!

P.S. - Jim Cameron is a madman!


  1. Four exclamation points?!? That's it. I'm sold.

  2. Okay then. I'm there.
    Richard B.

  3. The film critic at the local newspaper hated it, which is usually a sure sign that people might actually, you know, enjoy watching it. Hermit that I am, I probably won't make it to the theater, but I'll watch it eventually.

  4. James, I'm not about to vouch for a non-3D, Non IMAX version of this film. I have no idea whether it will be even tolerable in that format. It was designed to be seen big and in 3D and as an experience it was quite spectacular. My eyes and brain are still buzzing from the assault and I don't really know if the movie itself will hold up on a TV screen. If you can manage to get to the theater and view it the way Cameron intended it viewed I think you'll get a kick out of it. It's the last 70 years of fantasy/sf imagery come to life.

  5. Yep, see it in 3D and your eyeballs will be bleeding as you leave the theatre. But bleeding in the good way.